Friendship is what’s making all of this happen.

Do you remember the last time you sat with your co-worker or boss to discuss your own dreams? I certainly don’t recall this ever happening to me, friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers. This is a conversation my friends (also work colleagues) have from time to time until…Your MVSOT was born.

A little bit about us.

We are freelancers. In fact, we live in a place (Bangladesh) where freelancing is becoming the new employment norm. Freelancing has had a big personal and financial impact on many young talents that it is turning into a post-graduation plan A. It is fueling many economies, ours and some Asian countries in particular, and encouraging many parents to enforce education and professional development within the family. We are happy to belong to this impactful trend that is brought together because of the internet. In fact, we want to help lead a bigger trend.

It was about 6 years ago when it all started. A group of close friends filled with passion and enthusiasm decided to put a small library of knowledge to good use. All we needed was a professional profile at one of the leading freelancing sites and a good pitch. 20 pitches later and we had the first job!

Frankly, this review was from 2014 since we couldn’t find the first but it was something similar. It wasn’t much about the review that caught our attention but how a relatively small technical support positively affected the leader we helped back then. It was a great feeling!

With practically no business acumen at the beginning, our only business rule said, if you can do the job, just do it. We didn’t necessarily have a target, brand, position, differentiating factor, vision or anything of this sort. We just wanted to work. We delivered the service with the honestly, trust, and accountability we were raised with by our family. I thought we did a great job.

One of those projects turned out to be an early stage startup. Obviously, we had no idea what a startup was by then. We just applied. Something was different about this project. Owners cared more, speed was a priority, and surprisingly some didn’t care much about quality! Something we never heard anyone ever say before. It was unique. Most importantly, our work finally made a tangible difference. It contributed to the birth or growth of a new promising solution. We loved the experience and decided to put one to two hours of our day each day to learn more about startups. We learned one thing for sure: it’s a whole other world.

That’s it. That should be our target, everyone said. From that day on, most of our focus went to helping startup founders go from one stage to the other. This is the broadest description of our business purpose. And this is what we learned:

-Unlike established companies, startups, especially at their early stages, don’t know what exactly needs to be built. As team members, we must be ready to change directions at any time.

-Startups’ main objective is to validate the fit of customers’ problem to the proposed solution. This requires multiple iterations and sometimes a complete change in scope. As team members, we must work quickly and be open for sudden changes.

-Startups delay product development until some validation is found. This is done through landing pages, product simulation, interviews, and surveys. As a startup team, we must be as skilled and efficient in providing non-scalable resources as much as we do in advanced product development.

-Founders are commonly classified as technical or non-technical. Each have different needs. We learned that, usually,

  • Technical founders need technical support whereas founders with a non-technical background look for technical leadership.
  • Technical founders’ responsibility in the startup isn’t just about tech. Customer interaction, fundraising, sales, and business development among others fall under their responsibilities. As a startup team, you take some of this burden off their shoulders.
  • Non-technical founders are responsible for the business and marketing side of the startup. As a startup team, you focus on the tech side of the venture from product development and design to quality control, iterations, and technical advisement.
  • Startup marketing is different. Also, marketing tools and channels used at the initial stages are sometimes completely different from those used for scalability and growth. From a marketing stand point, as a startup team, your marketing proposal and execution depends on startup stage, the nature of the product and other equally as important variables such as competitors, market and vision.

Above all, it is whether startup teams share founders’ passion, commitment and vision that differentiates them from other development, design and marketing teams. This is critical because think about it, how can you learn and acquire passion or commitment? It’s one of those things that you either have or you don’t! as you keep reading below, you’ll find how we ensure a fit between our team members and the entrepreneurs we help build valuable startups.

That has been about 20{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} of the things we learned from working with startups over the past 3 years. We worked with a lot of smart people and learned more than we could absorb in such short period. We also identified many gaps in the market. We are ready and excited to take our freelancing experience to the next level. It is with your MVSOT that we are filling these gaps and building a bigger team.

MVSOT stands for entrepreneurs’ Most Valuable Startup Outsourcing Team. Here is why.

First, because we strongly believe that a team behind a startup is its most valuable asset, most of our attention goes to recruiting, training and preparing members. We carefully screen applicants to test professional competences, communication and writing skills, and to ensure cultural fit. For selected members, and unlike other platforms we offer an interesting package that includes:

  • No fees- 100{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} return.
  • 10{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} bonus for completing the first job with 4 stars or above.
  • 5{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} increase after every successful job with a 100{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} cap following which members receive a full time offer from us or 10{d67b9391429ae6b0093825d453fd6478239a169c72152745492a9e56e18db25e} increase every 5 projects.
  • Yearly bonus depends on: number of completed projects, time with MVSOT, ratings, articles posted on our publishing platform (coming soon), talent referred, and involvement (answering others’ questions on slack)- it can range between 200-1000 dollars.

Selected candidates go through a training program centered around startup development, teamwork, expectations and others. This is not a typical freelancing platform. We all know each other.

This is how we work.

Credit goes to Shams, one of our talented designers for this How we do it layout.

It all starts with a few clicks. We want to hear and learn as much as possible about you. Culture fit is one of the most important success criterion in a startup. Learning about you as a founder, your vision, needs and expectations will help and allow us to be on the same page. We have members with different backgrounds and personalities. This would be step one and two.

One of the things we learned from working with visionaries is that finding the right talent doesn’t solve the whole problem. Some entrepreneurs look for good project management that can take some weight off their shoulders. Project management and quality control also fall under our area of expertise, if needed. Some entrepreneurs prefer to work directly with talent and that’s fine. In the third and fourth steps, we assign the right person/team and make sure the entrepreneur knows who is doing the work. As a side note and if you read our story, you would realize that we started as an agency but switched to a startup mode. A startup is different in that it operates under a scalable business model. Our business model is about creating a hub of entrepreneurial talents with different backgrounds and shared interest who seek various opportunities at startups throughout the world. Though we have our internal team that includes members with complementary skills, we hire, train and mentor a large number of contractors throughout the world.

Because if you worked with us, you’d be describing us by accountable, responsive, talented and MVSOT, we make sure we keep up with the promises through maximum transparency. Though we are working on our project management platform, we can work through the project management software of your choice.

Finally, we like to quantify success and celebrate the small milestones because big accomplishments are a result of a series of smaller achievements. We proudly announce the completion of each milestone to the group and take a minute to talk about it.

Talents can join the group at any time and let’s not forget our startup advisement services whenever needed. Questions relating to defining customer persona, finding product-market fit, acquiring early adopters, monetization, bootstrapping and others can be answered by us or our mentors and advisors.

We are expanding almost on a weekly basis. As of today, here is what we offer.

Landing Pages

Nothing, we learned, is simpler and faster than launching a landing page as part of the path to market strategy, for acquiring early adopters, giving birth to a new brand, getting exposure and most importantly, interacting with potential buyers.

Creating and launching landing pages can be as simple as purchasing a template and making some adjustment to it or more thoughtfully and creatively through branded and optimized design, unique sign up tactic approaches and follow up emails to help users move smoothly from one side of the sales funnel to the other. Our entrepreneurial team is your comparative advantage.

Online Marketing

We learned that online marketing is like an art. Yes, traditionally, we use SEO, SMO, SMM, explainer videos, content marketing and others but what does the startup really need? Marketing plans for one startup rarely applies to another. By learning about the product, vision and customer needs, we can tailor an actionable plan that aims to achieve set goals in a predetermined period of time. Online marketing is one of our startup services.

Minimum Viable Products

Validation before expansion mitigates uncertainty. With entrepreneurs, we define the core of the solution then get to it. Depending on the idea, we usually have a 2-week rule for building MVPs. MVPs do not aim for perfection but rather for quantitative validation. We do our very best to help entrepreneurs find product-market fit through fast development and iteration. Remember, we’re your MVSOT!

Advanced Product Development

Over the years, we learned that advanced product development is motivated by two reasons: proven business model and validation through a series of development and iteration.

As an example for the first reason, we worked with entrepreneurs with years of industry experience and knowledge about the market and customer needs. They say, this is exactly what customers need, let’s build it. The second reason is the tip of the pyramid. Entrepreneurs start by testing their hypotheses qualitatively through customer interaction and surveys, build the first version of their solution, possibly iterate on it several times until defining what customers exactly need and how they want their needs addressed. This is when advanced product development starts.

In either scenario and unlike MVPs, quality is important.  We’re committed to building the best solutions, not only because we’d want others to work with us with the same level of commitment but also because it’s our mission to prove that we are entrepreneurs’ most valuable startup outsourcing team. It’s personal.

Advisement & Project Management

This category used to be Project Management until we realized that in 5 out of 10 calls we get from entrepreneurs, we get asked, what do you think? 50 calls later, we decided to expand our team with technical and non-technical advisors for discussions about venture initiation, validation, finding product-market fit, defining customer persona, scaling, etc. and about the best stack for the idea, hiring, evaluating developer work, etc.

Defining requirement is one thing, doing the work is another and the right way to manage the project is an equally as important, sometimes overlooked, area that has the power to make or break the project.

You want to hear something exciting? This category is on us. It’s another step towards proving that we are your MVSOT.


We know how unexpected this startup world can be. Let us know if you have a special request.

What about entrepreneurs’ investment?

There are many reasons why founders might want to outsource. Let’s face it, cost efficiency is one big reasons and we completely understand that. The timeline above is not drawn to scale but clearly shows that your investment will range between 10-50 dollars an hour depending on the scope. We do not compromise quality unless speed and testing are a priority which is common in a startup environment.

We are and want to continue to be known as

Any questions you have for us? Please add them in the comment section or email us directly at

Enough talking. We’re better at doing.


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